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9400 River Crossing Blvd.
New Port Richey, FL 34655
Phone: 727-940-3525
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We are constantly looking for ways to make our home buying process smoother for our Realtors. Our Sales Executives take great care of your clients and keep the process moving forward, even if you are swamped with other clients. You can depend on us to help you from beginning to end. After all, we want you to look good for referring your clients to us! Check back often to see our current specials and inventory!

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Majestic Oaks

Safety Harbor Homes

Floorplans of interest:

Birkdale 3033 - Wentworth

Foxtail 2876B Foxwood Estates

Berkshire 3106 Foxwood Estates

Chamomilla 3501 Foxwood Estates

Berwick 2500 - Wentworth

Berwick 2728 - Wentworth

Ivy 2916 - Plantation

Ivy 3198 - Plantation

Ivy 3344 - Plantation

Foxtail 2814

Willow 3271 - Plantation

Aspen 3076 Belleair

Foxtail 2876A Foxwood Estates

Fairhaven 3004

Lotus 2700- Safety Harbor

Willow 3082 Belleair

Foxtail 2755 Renaissance Oaks

Willow 3653 Belleair

Willow 2911 - Plantation

Hamilton 16

Willow 3082

Aspen 3048 Renaissance Oaks

Aspen 3058 Renaissance Oaks

Willow 3653

Yorkshire 3101

Willow 3255 - Plantation

Laurel 4497 - Plantation

Laurel 3386 - Plantation

Foxtail 2755

Willow 3168 Belleair

Willow 3271 Belleair

Willow 3408 Belleair

Aspen 3541 Belleair

Willow 3917 Belleair

Lotus 2700- East Lake Woodlands

Pinehurst - Meadow Oaks

Willow 4510 Belleair

Doral - Meadow Oaks

Willow 3255 Majestic Oaks

Willow 3271 Majestic Oaks

Augusta (Pointe Alexis)

Aspen 4334 Majestic Oaks

The Oak Hill (Meadow Oaks)

The Bay Hill (Meadow Oaks)

The Pebble Beach (Meadow Oaks)